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Embroidery Work

About project
I took up embroidery in graduate school and often turn to it when I need a break from other modes of illustration. Here are some of the projects I’ve worked on: for myself, as commissions, and as presents for people I love.
Peri Embroidery
I’ve always loved mythological illustrations and have been drawn to peris (fairies) from old Persian manuscripts. I decided to challenge myself by embroidering a peri, taking motifs and symbols from existing illustrations and combining them to make my own version.
Girls with Flowers
As a going away present for my sister, I adapted two of her illustrations as embroidery pieces. Below is her original art and then my versions of her work.
Pomegranates and Lilies
A wedding present for a friend, mixed media combining embroidery and painting.
A Strange Garden

I quickly sketched flowers on some leftover felt I had and used this illustration as an exercise to destress and focus purely on creation without explicit purpose.