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Printing Pulp: Pop horror in Pakistan

About project
I have always been a fan of old horror films and the design sensibilities of their posters and wanted to explore what a Pakistani Lollywood approach to horror would look like. I researched actors and locations appropriate to the 50s and 60s and screen printed three 11×17″ posters that glowed in the dark that I sold at MICA’s annual Art Market.
Each poster came with a flyer contextualizing the choice of actor and location and feature versions of classic films such as DraculaThe Bride of Frankenstein, andThe Creature from the Black Lagoon, presented here as The Creature of Paradise Point.

Part of my research for the project.

Dracula ki Raat (The Night of Dracula) stars the most popular Pakistani actor of the time, Waheed Murad, known for his roles in romantic movies. He is joined by his longstanding costar Rani. This Dracula has his his lair in the historic Baltit Fort in the northern region of Hunza.

The tragic figure of The Creature in Paradise Point is portrayed by Rangeela, an actor known to have usually taken on physically transformative roles in Pakistani cinema. The Creature emerges from the Arabian Sea at Paradise Point, a popular destination for both tourists and locals in the beach city of Karachi in the south of Pakistan.

Finally, the lead role of The Bride of Frankenstein is given to Madam Noor Jahan. Famous for her beauty, astounding singing voice, acting ability and also directing skills, Noor Jahan was a powerhouse in Pakistani cinema. As the haunting Bride, she stalks the streets of Lahore to end up on the top of the Minar-e-Pakistan for a climactic end.